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Grateful, Thankful & Blessed

The phrase "Thank you" ranks in the top three in my mind as the most powerful phrases in the English language. Along with "I love you" and "I am sorry" the expression of thanks is full of impact. There is something unique about it -- about feeling blessed that is difficult to explain -- but it is very noticeable and exceptionally real.

What I Have Learned About Compliance from Living in the Ozarks

For the last two and half years my wife Ann and I have called The Lake of the Ozarks our home. We found an amazing property with a great deal of potential but requiring some significant work.  As we have toiled away on weekends in reclaiming an overgrown wooded property, killing weeds, attacking poison ivy, wiping out spider webs or hornets nests and scaring off snakes, ticks and scorpions back to the bottom less pit from which they originated from, I have had time to think about how some of these things apply to what I get paid to do during the week.

The Christmas Story and the Relocation Industry

In my role I have had the opportunity to visit some locations around the globe that go far back into ancient times. Seeing a 2000 year old inscription on the wall of Pompeii portraying the moving company of the city bringing goods into town is pretty fascinating to an old mover. Because of these types of experiences I have marveled at how far back the logistics, moving and relocation industry go in history. As we are now in the middle of this year’s holiday season I am reminded of the story of moving, relocation and logistics within the Christmas story. The story of Christ’s birth as told in the books Matthew and Luke involve a lot activity related to our industry and it may provide some insight in to our roles today.

The Importance of DI in our AI World

The Economist Magazine has a very impactful expose this week with details on the amazing impact AI will have on this planet. It will be game changing in all industries including mine. I have been ingrained in the moving industry for over three decades, which effectively has not changed during my career and operates from a model that is not sustainable. AI most assuredly will turn the industry on its backside. Companies that dominate will disappear and some that may not even exist yet will win at levels never seen before.

Coaching Champions. . . Just Add Courage, Love and Discipline

During the Olympics we have the great advantage of seeing the final product. It ends with amazing performances - ones that defy history and even our paradigm of what is humanly possible. What we can't see are the years of preparation, the overcoming of fears, and perfecting of performances that will be compressed into one opportunity that will last only minutes or even seconds in competition.

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Eagles Rest

Our dream for this space is that for several years to come conversations would be had, rest would be in abundance and laughter would be contagious.

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