Just Because


when i came home after getting my first tattoo, i was very excited to share the results with my family.  our then college aged son looked at it quizzically, asking:  " 'Just Because' you wanted to get a tattoo?  ok Mom."  i could tell he didn't get it.

it all started years ago.  one of my sisters and her family were able to come home from their mission field bout every 2 years, usually for a number of months.  during that time they would stay with our folks for a bit.  just before leaving, she would leave Post-It notes in various places for Mom and Dad to find later.  for example, in Mom's huge bucket of laundry soap she would dig down and place a note that would thank her for all the laundry she did.  it soon morphed into an entire extended family tradition that we renamed from Post-It notes, to sticky notes.

my very favorite sticky note is one from my Dad.  i think he began to leave them after Mom went Home.  more often than not they would be accompanied by a $50 bill.  truly, it was not the money (tho that $50 frequently made the difference in our wee budget!) that made his sticky note a treasure to me.  it was what it said: 

"Love you
Just Because
 he didn't love me because he had to.  he didn't love me cuz of my character or temperament.  he didn't love me cuz i was the daughter who helped him in his shop.  he didn't love me cuz of my grades or performance (thank the Lord for that!)  he loved me cuz i am his daughter.  he loved me cuz God chose him to be my dad.  he loved me.....just because.   i didn't do anything in order to receive his love. it was unconditional.  never changing.  always there.  i didn't earn it.  i didn't deserve it.  
the tattoo on my foot is in his handwriting as a reminder 
a reminder of how God the Father, Abba Daddy, loves me.  He loves me in a similar way that Dad did, only p.e.r.f.e.c.t.l.y.   He loves me cuz i am His beloved daughter.  that's all.  nothing i did or ever can do would or will elicit an 'appropriate' loving response from Him.  i didn't earn His love.  i certainly don't deserve His love.  yet, He loves me more intimately, more deeply and completely fully.  
He loves me
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